Where I Stand

Mike and Governor Mitch Daniels

Mike and Governor Mitch Daniels

Office holders always seem to talk about their own issues—their own agendas. One thing I can promise you is that my campaign and my term in office won’t be about my issues. Instead, my focus will be on your issues, on ensuring that you have a voice in state government. I’ll take an active and heartfelt interest in the issues that matter to you and listen to all points of view. To learn more about your ideas, I will continue to talk with individuals and families in District 30 who raise important concerns that affect our lives. Thus far, as I listen to families, I hear concerns about jobs, government spending, education and the need for someone to speak out for the community.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

It is imperative that we work hard to attract new jobs to the area. Additionally, we must cut bureaucracy and job-killing regulations so that businesses not only make their home here, but they thrive here as well.

Control Government Spending

As families are struggling to make ends meet, government must learn to control their spending. We need to ensure that taxes are kept low, and that taxpayer dollars aren’t being wasted on non-essential items.


A strong education system is necessary in order to ensure Hoosier students are given every opportunity available to succeed in life. For that reason, I believe that we should reward teachers, not just tenure, and that we should be using our education dollars efficiently by putting more of them directly in the classroom.

Family Values

We need to have representatives committed to traditional family values that promote education, faith and family.